3 weeks since

it is sunday, it is raining, united play later in the cup, and the holidays are over, that is all the negative points of today.
let us grab some positives, it has been 3 weeks since i enrolled on the rollercoaster called WordPress, i arrived without a bang, I just opened the door slightly and sat at the back minding my own business.
in that time i have gained over 80 followers and about 400 likes, which seems to be very nice indeed.
i just hope someone at least read something of mine, and at least somebody was amused by what they read.
there is more to come , whether you like it or not, so hold on this trip is about to set sail in the next days.
in the meantime i would like my followers , here on WordPress or Facebook, twitter or google, to inform me which is their favourite poem so far and why.

ok i get ready to set sail on the seven seas of mayhem, bringing you grim tales from my mind.

thanks for being here and there.
Darren and Elisa


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