1645 Days.

it started with a trip to a shopping centre,
that eventually turned into a kiss,
was it really four and a half years ago?
my life turned from misery to bliss.
little Miss India with her infectious smile,
we’ve seen each other almost every day,
we are battling against the elements,
getting stronger and closer in every way,
some friends have abandoned us,
we don’t really know why,
maybe they are just so unhappy,
knowing we are having so much fun,
new friends though have been forged,
and better times are ahead,
we see the sun through the thunder clouds,
seeking positives in every situation,
no matter what people have said,
there have been long journeys,
and we’ve also had difficult times,
but every bleak tunnel has it’s daylight,
and everything always turns out alright,

the party started with a black cat,
feeding time for our furry friends,
four pairs of wise cats eyes,
got us in the mood for some fun,
adding to a package that came from england,
some new , well deserved clothes,
it made Elisa jump up and down in delight,
that’s how it began, it ended at midnight.
a drink of posh wine in a bar,
a couple of beers in another,
then I dragged Elisa screaming “no”,
into the nearby local pizzeria,
as if she would say no,
she never says no to a pizza,

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home again and tired,
happy for what we have done,
celebrating 54 months together,
and as always having fun,
so thank you Elisa for being by my side,
thank you for bringing your smile on this ride,
as the sun shines down,
warming us both,
here is to forever,
that is our daily toast!

©D.Hobson January 2014


3 thoughts on “1645 Days.

  1. “Daily Toast”

    It started with a kiss
    four strong years in bliss.
    Daily be this presence felt
    hearts entwined succumbed in melt.

    Stronger bonded
    lost some friends
    along the way.

    Newer friendships
    forged ahead,
    better times
    for hearts unbled.

    Though thunder clouds
    obscure loves sun,
    we daily gaily
    live in won.

    in situation,
    is all we need
    for inspiration.

    Through tunnelled vision
    hope shone bright,
    this journeys end
    be loves true tight.

    And through it all
    here on my ride,
    tucked in close
    and by my side
    you brought that smile
    no frown could hide.

    Through good and bad
    through tears and fears,
    on into future
    I salute you! “Cheers”
    (C)David A.Yates2014


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