The Storyteller.


Everybody has a story to tell, some say it in the local cafe, others in their local pub, some of the stories are true other stories are just made up to pass the time, they are telling a story, they are storytellers, but nobody calls them that.

I write different things, I write down my views, I write about history, I write about daily events and I also write stories, if you have not noticed everything I write down is in poetry form, why do I do this? because I have always have done it this way, it feels comfortable like an old pair of slippers.

For the last two years or so I have been writing more often, I have posted work on here on WordPress, I have written many eBooks, I have also two paperback books.
I labelled myself as a poet writing poetry tales, it was my death wish, nobody reads poetry, poetry is about roses and rings and saint valentines day things.
my label placed me in a small box in a big world, people saw my post, some saw that it was poetry and went on to the next post, some saw my poem was long, and went to the next post, some saw that I was writing about Italy and did not want to hear me out, there are so many fussy people out there, I can guarantee that everyone who has liked my poetry on here at least half have not read the full poem, I can guarantee the 1200 ebooks downloaded have not been fully read.
at this moment I am in a difficult position, even though someone has read my work, someone has downloaded my e-book it seems all sort of a false dawn, it seems that what I have written so far is OK but not what I was looking for.
So what can I do? give in? get angry? get drunk? nobody said it would be easy, poetry is dead in a stagnant pond in an overgrown garden, nobody wants to cut through the undergrowth, nobody wants to dredge the pond to find the oyster waiting to be found!
I have to change my tactics, I have to show the world that even though I am writing in poetry form my real art is the storyteller, in my words you can find real facts, real history and real life events.
I can mix fact and fiction and deliver you the best tasting pizza with a healthy topping of knowledge.
There is a lot of fast food type poetry around which should not be disregarded, writing and reading in any form is better than playing all day on a game console, if you want a quick bite to eat go to a fast food joint where the food is plastic and the drinks will rot your gut, in the end I am fine food at a cheap price and a lot easier to digest.
My friends, my readers , my critics I am the storyteller, I tell stories, I am cursed to write in poetry form, I would like to hear your thoughts on that!
Today is an important day in the book year World Book Night is upon us, time to party!

Darren Hobson April 2015


4 thoughts on “The Storyteller.

  1. Hey Mr Hobson, or shall we call you storyteller instead? I rather like this post and I have a confession that may make me sound a little crazy, but that’s okay cos we are all a little crazy. I think in rhyme, just about my every thought is rhymed, some are nonsensical rhymes and some are half rhymes and some are bold and outlandish rhymes. Most of what I write is rhyming poetry and although I sometimes play by the rules and produce the perfect rhyming couplet, about roses and rings and St Valentines day things 🙂 I try to avoid the cliché of poetry. I don’t want to use perfect techniques, i’m not writing to show off my English skills, I don’t want to use large elaborate words that the reader needs to look up in a dictionary, i’m not showing off my vocabulary. I want to write poetry that is real, that is about real feelings, real emotions, the good and the bloody bad. I only discovered a few years back that I could actually write and at first I expected no one to listen no one to hear, I knew my poetry didn’t fit neatly into any boxes and I wrongly assumed that made my poetry somehow wrong. I was wrong, there is a place for all types of poetry, there will always be someone ready to criticise what you write and always someone ready to love it. Personally I like poetry that tells a story…which reminds me, Seven Gates of Destiny, The whole World is Coming Undone…Loved it! 🙂 Keep writing, the stories need to be told and what better way to do it then in the form of poetry!


    1. well the world is now going to blame you, even though my muse is the one who beats me up everyday and tells not to be silly (in italian of course) what you wrote here just filled me up with energy to write another 10 ebooks!
      sometimes it feels what i have done and what i am doing is without reward! but this comment means that someone was reading! so it means i am not throwing a rock in a well that has no end or bottom. cheers for giving me one of the best comments of my career!

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      1. 🙂 you’re welcome kiddo. Hope you’re feeling a little more energised now. I think we all feel this way at one time (or perhaps a million times) or another.


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