Waking up to face a new day, the refreshing shower does not refresh you as much as it should because you know that you will be dirty again within the hour, the breakfast cereal is tasteless and the once natural milk has been watered down to something that looks like rain water.
Into the open and the sky is full of colours like the day is full of hope, mainly because it is still a new day, searching the colours in the amber sky, between the clouds and the rising sun, white fades to grey , tangled with wisps of red and orange, in-between I see something like blue almost turquoise. Continue reading “Turquoise”


Stupid Things

We do stupid things, we do stupid things for attention, in the recent almost hurricane storm Ophelia after days of the authorities pleading with the public not to venture outside, what do those people do?, drive around looking for a great photo opportunity, kite surfing on the beach , dancing with a chain saw, how can people be so stupid?, we have seen so much storm news in this great age of 24 hr news channels, storms kill, water drowns, and trees are not made of sponge, they crush, they maim they kill, so next time you would think it’s fun to drive around while the schools roof is bashing around your back garden don’t, you are putting other people at risk as well, next time a storm comes a knocking, hide under your bed! Continue reading “Stupid Things”


I am a strange type of person who finds it hard to keep up a certain amount of momentum, I have become sporadic in 2017, I did get around to publishing another eBook full of humorous and dangerous poetry , Just a Touch of Ginger touches on the subject of mental health and how more and more people are suffering from a long list of illnesses that seem to have become too popular in the last ten years, the book is how a Punk group keep me going for these last twenty years, fuelling the will to live , even that became sporadic. Continue reading “Best.”

Fragile Earth


Feels quite solid to you
This life you’ve grown
Feels so real to you
The routine you follow
Feels so good and true
This shit you are feeling
Doesn’t have to be the end of you

And you can hate everything and anything that gets in your fucking way
You can be angry and aggressive and beat your head just to make it through the day
You can grit your teeth and pull off your fingernails for a little pain relief
We stand on this fragile earth yet we are tortured souls beneath… Continue reading “Fragile Earth”

The Lake


In was the deepest darkest most treacherous corner of the known universe
It was where all survivors suffered and all heroes failed
It was a place of limited fantasy in what would have been a fantastic world
It is where our deepest darkest tale will be told

It was always dark for most of the cruel year
The temperature cold and the wind was bitter
No beast could survive in this inverted paradise
There only ever lived the foulest parasite

Continue reading “The Lake”



Got to get myself away from this deep dark cloud I am under
Got to wake up from the storm that put me into a slumber
Got to find that part of me that smiled once every so often
I have to get back on track and dance to my favourite number

I know I have a few problems and I don’t lie
Got to sort them out but I don’t know how
I know I am full to the brim and I don’t know why
Got to shake off this negativity somehow Continue reading “Slumber”

State of Affairs


Closed eyes under a perfect blue sky
It is so unblemished not a cloud in the way
The only clouds are circling my mind
The doubts, the chaos and the frustration

You use your voice but it is seldom heard
All your brainwaves and fantastic ideas
Everyone around you is too busy to listen up
Most people don’t even look into you
You are as see through as a ghost on All Hallows eve
You try to be heard and so your scream
Everyone takes a step back and give you a confused look
You know that being around just bothers them Continue reading “State of Affairs”