Nuisance Boy


He was a little bit lazy
But he had big ideas in his head
He was a new romantic dreamer
He was plagued and painted red
Never fitted in the right hole
Never got to see the hairy hole
Never until he got his wits together
Then it was whenever and however
Come what may and altogether
To sail the succulent seas better
Just a nuisance boy
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it’s a huge universe and so much more
it’s impossible to meet and greet door by door
so we read what we can to wet your appetite
hoping the little green man comes visiting tonight
don’t be afraid we all are curious like cats
sit down, have a drink we’ll talk about this and that
and the universe had a lot of stories to tell
each individual has lts own living hell
so when everyone is a billion miles away
doesn’t mean that they didn’t want to stay
but home comforts are sometimes so soothing
stops the emotional rot which we get when we’re constantly moving

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