I want to take you back to 1993, it turned out to be one of the craziest years of my life, twenty one years old and had been working for Leyland bus since September 1988, I took the crazy decision to take redundancy in June/July of 1993 basically from a good wage to nothing in a space of a few months, my redundancy money did not last long. In 1993 there was no Monsters of Rock at Donington but everyone headed down to see Metallica and Megadeth in Milton Keynes, I think it was a good year for music from what I remember. Continue reading “Suckerpunch”


Fear of the Dark?


This year I will turn 45 which is not so old yet not so young, the last rock concert I went to was Motley Crue and Alice Cooper November 2015, which is too longer for an old rocker like me! Especially when the likes of Slayer and the newly reformed (sort of) Guns N Roses have just left the withered shores of Italy.

I am counting the days since my last proper concert, I am watching concerts on you tube to see where my artists are at , if they are failing or trying to reach the old glory years, hell the last time I went to a full blown concert Lemmy was still alive. Continue reading “Fear of the Dark?”



When you have an European final playing out in Wales
After the Manchester tragedy the world holds it breath
Hoping that another commercialised prestige event
Does not result in another untimely death

When all eyes are on the illustrious cup
The old lady let it slip from their grasp
When Ronaldo pockets another medal
This time it could be his last!

Saturday night time to relax and sing
Another busy working week has passed
Watching the television live from Cardiff
As another foreign team do a victory lap Continue reading “Fragrance.”

The Beginning Again?


I have already wrote a post like this, I have already explained myself a few times, why did I set up a blog, why did I publish my free eBooks? Maybe you missed the post, maybe you are a new follower, so here is a quick review of how I got to this place.
If we go back to the beginning when I wrote Running River or something, when I used to work for Leyland Bus back in the day when manufacturing was an important part of the British economy ,I wrote down my ideas on anything from paper towels to recycled paper, there was obviously no internet for me back in 1988. My ideas were limited to being read by my work mates, and some pen friends and some geezer down the pub. I had bought a typewriter to type up my work and obviously with hilarious results and typos , letters out-of-place. Continue reading “The Beginning Again?”